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the pint of no return

Posted in Uncategorized by James Benedict Brown on 14 August, 2005

picture caption: … we might possibly have been a bit tipsy by this stage.

A very big thank you to the dedicated crowd of Robinson McIlwaine who used my departure from the firm as an excuse for a heavy night out on Friday. I was really touched by the generosity of spirit of everyone who came along, and at the same time hate you all for the way my head felt the next day.

The photos from the night are online now, and you can find them here: http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/1681410 If you weren’t there, well it was, you know, nothing special, just an unspecified number of pints, a meal I don’t remember ordering, some unisex toilets, a bit of exploring around an unlocked and unfinished office building in the dark, avoiding a trip to Newgrange at 9am the next day and then a bit of jumping up and down in Whites Tavern with some burly Scotsmen in kilts. Just your average night out, really…

It’s now Sunday morning, and I’m about to head to the Stena terminal in Belfast to catch the boat to Scotland. I’ll be in the remotest part of the small isles for a fortnight, before one last weekend in NI.

See you soon,


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