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A sensuous Saturday

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 29 October, 2005

So, friends have been re-united… last night Ulli returned from her mammoth tour of the Gaspé peninsular, with stories, photographs and wistful reminiscences of small houses that look out to sea. Looks like she got back just in the nick of time, it sounds like the appeal of retreating to a remote shack to write eloquent novels and poetry seemed to be quite strong…

Meanwhile, back in the big smoke, we continue to lurch towards winter. The first snow fell in the south of the province earlier this week, just 30km from Montréal. However, we have yet to a flake here. When it does come, however, I suspect it will come with great force, and will sweep unsuspecting Englismen off their feet.

Opening this week is the excellent Sense and the City exhibition at the Centre Canadien d’Architecture. The exhibition explores how we experience the city through the senses, and offers some methods of recording sights, sounds, smells and textures of cities from around the world. As you leave the exhibition, everything takes on an immediately sharper clarity; the colours are brighter, the sounds are clearer, and the tastes are sharper. I recommend it highly. Go now, and you’ll also catch the best of the colours in the CCA garden (pictured above).


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