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Is this the last chance…?

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 30 October, 2005

Daylight savings started today… or did it finish… I can never remember which way round it is… Anyway, I woke up this morning with an extra hour in the bank to use for my pleasure today. So after a caffeine free breakfast (it’s good to do it just once a week) I meandered east along avenue du Mont-Royal. The apartment is about five minutes east of the nearest metro, so I know the section of the street between here and the metro very well, passing along it at least twice every day. So it’s always a pleasure to turn left out of the front door instead of right.

I wandered… peering into cafés, looking over crowded notice boards in shop doorways, browsing around clothes stores, savouring the smells at the bagel place and bargain hunting at the Dolorama. As long as it isn’t dependent on retail, this is my favourite way to spend the weekend. The sky was a clear blue, cloudless and high above. The air is not yet cold – a very fresh 10 C at most; perfect for an urban weekend I returned home to eat and then got a call from Ryan and Jonathan imploring me to come up to the moutain where the air was even sweeter. I grabbed the camera and stepped out of the apartment just as a bus was passing. It carried me to the top, and to my favourite view of Montréal, from the pavillion that is at the same height above the island as the tops of the skyscrapers.

The fall colours were in full swing in the park, and the paths were heaving with people out in their dozens… it was as if everyone knew that today might be the last warm weekend that we’ll have with only leaves carpeting the ground. Everything was vibrant, fresh and autumnal. Winter’s approaching, but it’s not here yet, and that leaves the most wondrous intermission.


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