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Things are never as bad as you think

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 8 November, 2005

Monday night, and I’m offered the chance to go and see a film downtown with my ever kind Albertan housemate. He continues to insist when I protest that I have no money, and insists on getting my ticket. A good friend, huh? Wrong, a stunning friend, because he also got a big plate of poutine and two pitchers in afterwards.

This photo shows the corner of Boyer and Mont-Royal Est, and we’re looking east. The apartment is just a few steps away. Calling us in, every time we walk home from a movie, are the bright, warm and welcoming lights of Mont-Royal Hot Dog. It’s an established haunt for nighthawks, friends, lovers, students and other misfits. We fit into at least one of those categories, so it’s no wonder we end up there, talking about jack and drinking too much rousse. I don’t remember whose idea it was to have a second pitcher (but it was Ryan who ran after the waitress to order it…) but I think we should both take the credit. It’s been a shitty time of not much money, not much optimism and not much enthusiasm. But I have no doubts in my mind; Montréal is the place for me right now, and I have the friends who can look after me and pick me up.

And when we got home …. a lovely email from an absent friend. I went to bed feeling very happy.


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