(james benedict brown) on the road

It’s actually not that cold

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 24 November, 2005

We’re in the zone, folks… the snow’s falling, but it’s not too cold… a nice crisp -5 to -10, which makes for a happy James. It could almost be England. Only there’s snow. But you get my drift. I’ve had a fairly low few days between the end of a short mandate placement (see below), desperately sending out CVs for jobs that only get me half-excited. This photo was taken on Wednesday night, as I tried to write my loyal, luscious, and loving girlfriend a letter. It’s really not that easy when one or more cats choose to park their furry frames on my pad. Not that I’m complaining, Cucu has been a lot more friendly lately, and she seems to be taking more care of herself, after a particularly dandruffy stage…

Good news, though, fans… I have a job starting tomorrow. Two months up in Anjou doing something that doesn’t sound too exciting or taxing for $13/hr. Watch this space for first day reactions. Now that’s snowing I just want to get my head down and work; it’s not easy being a layabout, y’know :)


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