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De partout, jusqu’à vous…

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 3 December, 2005

Today is a day that has so far been, not so much dominated, but shaped by issues relating to postal services. Not necessarily bad things, although it has become particularly frustrating that the postman continues to deliver mail clearly and correctly addressed (with a different postal code too) to the same number as us on Mont-Royal Ouest to where we live on Mont Royal Est. Initially I was frustrated by the way that streets running across Boulevard St. Laurent are renamed ‘est’ to the east and ‘ouest’ to the west or that street. A few major geographical mistakes were made when I first came here and tried to locate offices and architects…

But for a postman to keep on making the same mistake? I mean, really… I know it’s a tough job, and you probably wouldn’t want to finish your rounds with a few left over pieces that need re-delivering. But why is it when I even underline the address and mark the envelope that he or she continues to deliver mail to us and not the right address. Since I started marking the envelopes and emphasing the wrong address, we just seem to be getting more mail to the wrong address. Is that kind of bloodimindness really necessary?

But on a positive note, I’ve finally posted off a small package that has been sitting around the apartment for more than a week now, waiting for me to write a few extra things to go inside. I can be so procrastinative some times. It was a nice feeling finally dropping it in the mailbox (see photo).


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  1. Anonymous said, on 19 December, 2005 at 13:36

    wonder who that was for…

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