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Chaque lundi…

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 10 April, 2006


…Mélisse and I can be found at the same table in the Quincallerie on Rachel. It’s time for our weekly language exchange; French one week and English the next. On Uli’s recommendation, we started out in a certain St. Denis tea lounge, but let’s just say that Mélisse and I prefer a more alcohol-oriented environment. It makes the conversation flow a little more easily when we’ve both had a long day. And this trendy place does nicely. The barmaid who works on Monday evenings even recognises us, and after just a couple of weeks knows what our drinks are without prompting (rousse for me, blonde for Mélisse).

We talk about our jobs, our travels, our futures (apparently I shouldn’t go to Strasbourg, although Mélisse hasn’t actually been herself) and the lives around us. We’ve both been here a few months now, and we’ve both adapted our Montréal dreams to cope with the Montréal reality. And we’re happy. We’ve not been beaten. I’m speaking more French, and Mélisse is speaking more English. We have just enough to get by and to enjoy ourselves… things are good. I felt my spirits lift here this evening. Not every nagging question has an answer, but since I’ve got this far without too many problems, I reckon things will be ok.


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  1. ulli said, on 11 April, 2006 at 09:35

    This is a lovely shot. I wonder who took it…

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