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Medication central

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 6 June, 2006

On our kitchen table we now have a selection of prescribed medcation. Novonaprox, Stantex and a strange silver based cream for me and my burns; and some antibiotics for Cucu, our most elusive feline friend.

On Monday night Ulli and I walked through the quieter side streets of the Plateau carrying a very distressed Cucu to a vetinary practice on Saint-Hubert. The condition of her teeth has deteriorated over time, and she continues to have a very matted and dandruff clogged coat of hair, worsened by her poor standard of hygeine. Although to be honest, if I had a mouth as sore as hers, I probably wouldn’t be inclined to lick myself that much.

An extremely friendly vet examined Cucu, who had now also endured a noisy ten minutes in her box in the waiting room of the practice, surrounded by ugly little dogs yapping at their ugly owners. She was not happy, but like many cats in similar situations was quite calm and placid while she was examined. A sad history prefixes her condition: at age 12 she has endured a troubled life, and now I feel guilty for ever dismissing her as simply the ‘one with the strange smell’.

To cut a long story short, an operation to remove two teeth is necessary, as well as other treatments and medication. Charlotte has wired money to us for the work, and we are now enduring a painful week in which antibiotics have to be administered twice a day and which will include a day long stay tomorrow at the vet for the treatment to be carried out. Ulli has become the domestic nurse, administering the drugs with some difficulty. We are taking extra care to all take the right drugs: although the antibiotics from the vet are for Cucu, because it was my name on the appointment the label has been printed with my name on it. I am reading the label of every pill bottle twice before swallowing…

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