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Snapshots: Nova Scotia

Posted in Uncategorized by James Benedict Brown on 18 June, 2006

In this digital age, it takes me a few days to remember to take a black and white film to be be developed at the lab across the street. Since it’s esoteric black and white instead of good ol’ colour, development takes another five working days; then another few days have passed before I remember that I left the film there in the first place, and then a I leave it for another few days deferring the inevitably extortionate cost of collecting them. But here, at last, are a few snapshots from some explorations of Nova Scotia with Bea…


Bea’s namesake in Halifax cut my hair, and told us the story of how she came to Canada as a refugee from Kosovo. My problems with uncontrollable hair pale into insignificance.


Contrast of scale: Mahone Bay City Hall and a GMC pick-up.


Beatrice photographing two churches on the Lighthouse Trail.


Bea apologises to the flattened bugs we have collected on the front of our hire car…


…and then tampers with the license plate.


On the train back to Montréal.

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