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Snapshots: a walk in Mile End…

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 8 August, 2006


Walking in Mile End this evening reminded me of my first days after arriving in Montréal, almost one year ago.

Somehow living in the Plateau numbed me to what I was seeing, smelling and hearing around me. The summer has brought hoards of newcomers, some for year long sojourns like me, and I’m slipping into their shoes very easily: a slightly bewildered tourist, in awe of just how pretty this city is.


Walking along Saint Viateur, a man sitting reading a book asked me the time. He spoke French, but with an unmistakable anglo accent. It reminded me what it is to be mistaken for a local: even when I’m meandering aimlessly with my camera or my sketchbook, I still seem to have developed the walk and attitude of someone who belongs here.


As recently as a fortnight ago I felt that I had exhausted Montréal. While this year has definitely come to an end, and while I definitely want to come home for a few years in the UK, I can’t help feeling that maybe there is some sort of future for me in this country, maybe even in this city.

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