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Snapshot: Montréal by night

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 24 August, 2006


Ryan is a gracious fellow. He has spent most nights during the last few weeks sleeping on the sofa on the noisier side of the apartment. We have had a string of guests: first Kenton, then Jana, and now the youngest part of the Halun-Middleton clan, Ryan’s sister Tara, her super-sized husband Steve and their cute-a-licous fifteen month old baby Mana. They arrived last weekend, while I was away in New York. Steve and Tara (or Stara, as I refer to them collectively) have just about recovered from the traumatising red-eye that left Calgary at 01h00 on Friday night and arrived in Montréal at 07h00 on Saturday morning. Mana has adapted much more quickly, and is giggling, googling, and charming away the time quite contentedly.

This week the four of them rented a car from VIA Route, and drove up to Québec City to see Carey. This Tara and Steve’s first time in Montréal and Québec. If time allows, they may even visit their nation’s capital in Ottawa for the first time. With the car not due back until Friday morning, Ryan suggested a quick turn up the mountain on Thursday night. Mana was strapped in and we scooted off. Of course, by the time we reached the car park at the top of the Mont Royal Park, she was fast asleep. Tara stayed in the car with her, and Ryan, Steve and me hoiked up the path (“it’s only about 100m” said Ryan, concertinering his memory of distance).

I’m very glad I came along. I’ve been up the mountain many times, but never at night, hoping maybe one day to do it with a nice bottle of wine and a pretty young lady (all but one of the pretty young ladies who might have considered such an invitation have now departed this city). Perching my little digital camera on the ballustrading, and switching the settings as Mélisse had told me a few nights before (yay – no more orange night time shots) I fired off a few shots. The enormity of the sky’s blackness above us left me overawed, and the sparkling carpet of Montréal and Laval stretched out beneath us as if we were in flight.

Why didn’t I do these things sooner?

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  1. ulli said, on 26 August, 2006 at 10:23

    well, who knows… our paths might cross again one day in montreal and then you will have the opportunity to make your dream come ture. if you can’t wait you can still take the one pretty lady who’s left for a walk and a wine on the mountain.

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