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Monday morning, Washington DC

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 28 August, 2006


Delaying my arrival in DC by twelve hours turned out to be a good thing. I had more energy on Sunday to tour some museums, and was also able to make my way out to Caroline and Aaron’s place unassisted by metro and bus. Caroline and Aaron helped me and Beatrice out back in May when we made a last minute decision to drive to Washington from Montréal for a performance of the Prairie Home Companion. As stellar members of the Hospitality Club they put us up for two nights, offering warm hospitality and saving us $$$ on accomodation. I had contacted them again to let them know I would be passing through DC again, and they were more than happy to let me sleep in their spare room again.

So after a good day exploring the National Art Gallery and the Air and Space Museum, I was able to ride the metro to Silver Spring, just across the state line in Maryland, and then bus it to their spacious apartment. I had no qualms whatsoever with the food, the lazy evening in front of the television and the comfy bed. I was whacked, and looking forward to my last night in a proper bed before my overnight train ride to Alabama.

Caroline drove me to the metro on Monday morning, and I tried to be thankful without being effusive. I unsuccessfully tried to buy a newspaper from a vending machine (USA Today had better do something pretty damn special with $0.75 they’ve stolen from me) and returned to the city. I left my bag at the left luggage office, where I was inexplicably charged $3 less for the same storage. My hosts had been kind enough to provide me with a bowl of cereal to start my day, but I decided to stop off for a coffee before hitting the museums again. I took a window seat, fired up the wifi, and started to consider the street scene before me (see above). In just a few weeks time, fire hydrants and street corner newspaper boxes (that eat money without releasing newspapers, grr..) will seem alien to me again. I savour the strange surroundings while I drink my cinnamon coffee.

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