(james benedict brown) on the road

Some observations…

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 14 September, 2006


  • British passengers on trans-Atlantic flights make the most inane conversation (me included).
  • The arrivals hall of Gatwick Airport is a shameful place to welcome people to Britain
  • British people love to break the silence by stating the blindingly obvious (e.g. “Well I’m sure our luggage will show up one one of these belts…”)
  • British people refuse to trust information unless it’s given to them verbally (e.g. to the driver of a bus with a large destination board reading OXFORD: “Excuse me, are you going to Oxford?”)
  • It is actually more difficult than I expected to return to driving a car with a manual transmission.
  • British ale is much creamier and is indeed served a slightly warmer temperature (although is still chilled)
  • People use the word ‘mate’ a lot when thanking each other.
  • Jet lag makes me extremely grumpy for up to three days.
  • British motorways seem inconceivably crowded.
  • British teenage girls still dress, on the whole, like prostitutes.

Many more cultural differences will doubtless be observed in the coming days.

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