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Seven hours sleep always helps

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 29 September, 2006

Coming back to the computer this morning I realise just how pooped I was when I wrote the last entry yesterday evening. Tired, but in a very happy way. Although I’ve enjoyed the predictable and dependable routine of an 8-5 job (and the similarly regular pay cheques) I’ve missed the busy and demanding studio atmosphere. I’m only worried because the term hasn’t really kicked in yet, and my first major deadline is stil five weeks away.

Ever one for making my life more complicated, I’m now heavily involved with SUAS (the Sheffield University Architects Society). This means lots of running around, checking room bookings and chasing phantom architects who promised to give lectures. However, things are shaping up for the new year, and I’m looking forward to the SUAS launch next week. I just need to find some straw bales and lots of bunting. Any suggestions? I’ve been ploughing through the Yellow Pages and begging for help on Sheffield’s online discussion forums with some success, although I know Tuesday (when SUAS starts selling itself to the school) is going to be chaotic.

Things aren’t helped at home by a series of successively difficult nights: I’m using the same duvet and pillows, and a new set of bed linen, but every day I’m waking up at around six o’clock in the morning with extremely short breaths. Not once in Canada did my asthma affect me, despite living with four cats and letting much of the apartment get extremely dusty. My health was so good, in fact, that I spent much of the year free of any of the medication on which I’ve been dependent for so long. To come back to Sheffield at such a busy time, and find that I can’t breathe easily at home isn’t helping. I have this urge to clean our rather old and uncomfortable (landlord supplied) mattress, although now that I’m actually thinking about doing it, I’m not entirely sure how one goes about it. Do you beat it with something? Scrub it with soapy water? Or should I just douse it in petrol and set fire to it?

That last one might actually make it more comfortable.

The weekend should give me some space to think (and probably to breathe as well) and to write lists for next week. I’m going to Glasgow on Saturday, and look forward to some uber-trendy partying with long lost friends now studying architecture at the Mac. So, see you Monday…

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