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Like a hole in the head

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 17 October, 2006


It was a bad idea to go anywhere near Amazon this week. I don’t need any more books, and as you can see I don’t exactly have much room for them, having finally got round to unpacking everything in our new house here in Sheffield. I say everything, well almost everything, or at least almost everything of mine. You-know-who has come up with an innovative excuse for not unpacking her boxes and bags by going to Romania for three weeks. A little excessive, you might think, but she said something about some children needing a wall…

I’m left here in Sheffield with more mundane work to do, which is why shopping for books on the internet has become a worthy distraction. On order are some graphic novels that I’ve been chasing for a while: Pyongyang by Guy Deslisle is suddenly hot property again as the rest of the world tries to understand what it must be like to still live in an autocratic closed society, and the refreshingly republished chronicle of Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s dark and unnerving work continues with Abandon the Old in Tokyo. In addition to those two, I couldn’t help make the postman’s round a little slower by throwing in two guide books. One’s for a forthcoming late autumn weekend away while the other is for a slightly longer sojourn abroad that’s coming up in February. Feeling lonesome, I shall be looking forward for the day I come home to a notice telling me a parcel awaits me at the local post office.

We’re now four weeks into term, and now less than two weeks away from the conclusion of the first project of term. The days are getting busier, and somehow the nights are getting longer but feeling shorter. I remember this tired feeling from somewhere, and I’m enjoying it immensely.

To everyone who promised to come and visit – the studio-guest-room is now almost ready for you. We’re waiting for your call…

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