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No longer the egotist

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 9 November, 2006

Was there really a time earlier this year when I was blogging something every day? Wow… I really must have had a lot of spare time.

It’s Thursday afternoon, and I’m sitting in the Interval bar, enjoying a pint of stout and some greasy, salty, cheesy bar snacks (surely the best kind?). The chaotic six week rush of ‘Live Project’ work is now finished, and we are making our first faltering steps towards the studios that will occupy us for the rest of the year. In this quiet intermediate period, there is an air of calm in the department, as the sudden release from deadlines and work related pressure evaporates.

BMM and I spent the weekend very pleasently, enjoying for the first time a few days together in Sheffield without any work or deadlines. She was able to finish unpacking (I reckon that a month and a half from moving in to getting everything unpacked is pretty good going) and we were able to do lazy domesticated things like make soup, move furniture and go the theatre. Without warning we have suddenly done half of the term before Christmas, and with the clocks back on GMT, the days are suddenly feeling shorter and the evenings are feeling chillier.

Yesternight my financial standing improved somewhat, with the departure of an old friend and the arrival of a new source of income. Yes, the Saab has finally gone, sold to a man from Bradford who drove down with cash in hand to take her away from me. So I no longer wince at the price of petrol or worry whenever I see another car near mine with a window broken and the radio missing. Despite the financial foolishness of owning a motor car, the red 900 that I bought in Belfast was a great companion on many trips and a rather shabbily stylish mode of transport. But without a real source of income or any reason to keep her, there was no point delaying the inevitable.

Well, I say no real source of income, but that was the other change that took place last night. I have returned to my old haunt at the Union of Students. I’m back behind the bars of the Union nightclubs, and enjoying it already. The shifts are late, but short and fast, serving tanked up students with more alcopops and pints of Carling. I’ll likely be up to speed next week, working three nights a week and saving a bit of cash each week to pay for my future travels.

Until then, we’re off to Venice tomorrow. See you on Tuesday, folks.

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  1. ulli said, on 10 November, 2006 at 18:10

    Wow, Venice. Well, we’re only going to London, but apparently they have a great exhibition at the Tate Modern where visitors can have childish fun on slides in the basement. It’s all art as long as it’s in the Museum and people agree that it’s a piece of art. I have learnt that even a turd can be a piece of art (and shit) if in a museum – and not accidentally there!

    Say hi to Bea! and have a wonderful time in Italy!


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