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Gratuitous I-was-in-Venice photos

Posted in Uncategorized by James Benedict Brown on 14 November, 2006


I hope the first picture tells you everything you need to know. Me, BMM and a late deal on a flight with BMI. Two nights in Venice to explore the Internation Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale and to revisit some quiet corners we had both discovered on previous trips. I was delighted that we managed to skip the expensive hostel and stay with a friendly member of the Hospitality Club. We also managed to avoid the crowds of tourists and the infamous €15 coffees of the Piazza San Marco cafés.

Some other notable moments included…


Above: drinking too much red wine and then dancing our first night away at a discrete little social centre where a reggae night was pounding out, and several dogs from the local community had popped in for some rock and roll.


Above: plastic chickens hanging from a washing line in the Hungarian Pavilion of the Architecture Biennale (well, what were you expecting?)


The superbly designed Romanian exhibit, which involved visitors in a process of questioning how they would like their country to develop.

Will tell you more later…

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