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I’m in Chicago…

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 6 January, 2007

…which is why I haven’t been blogging that much, or not here at least. My new year’s resolution is to put my travel related ramblings into a new outlet, which is slowly coming together at nothingtodeclare.wordpress.com. It’ll be a mix of travelogue, tips and experiences from the road. So if you want the boring bits about which train to take where and which low end diner is best for that local speciality I just can’t get enough of, you’ll find it over there.

But to fill you in, I finally arrived in Montréal late on 28 December. I wasn’t delayed by fog or snow, but by a faulty computer that had grounded the Air Canada Airbus that was due to carry me across the Atlantic. Once jet lag had been conquered, there followed a most enjoyable week rediscovering the city with a new travelling companion (the kind who keeps me on my toes by asking me lots of relevant but difficult questions). I also managed to re-visit some old haunts, drink too much on at least one occasion, play pool badly and apologise excessively. Not for anything in particular, they were just general apologies which spew forth when I’m slightly tipsy.

On 3 January we left Montréal by train, and travelled throughout that day and the following night to arrive in Chicago, from where I’m now writing to you from. I’ve got a week to do all the things I didn’t do the last time I was here. The American love of the automobile and other wasteful consumers of energy means that global warming has stolen winter, and the weather has been very manageable.

Until I blog again, don’t forget my plea for nominations at the Bloggies. You may remember from April and May in 2006, my month long travelogue (and sister blog to this page) ontherails. Well, the Seventh Annual Weblog Awards are taking nominations until 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT – 5 hours) on January 10. If you enjoyed reading my travels, then I’d greatly appreciate a nomination in the categories of Best Canadian Weblog and Best Writing of a Weblog. Just follow this link and the instructions therein, and I’ll be eternally grateful :-)

See you soon…

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