(james benedict brown) on the road

Sheffield to Strasbourg

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 8 February, 2007


Et voila. Je suis arrivé. You might recognise these buildings in this picture. A couple of months ago, when I received confirmation that I would be spending this semester here in Strasbourg in the north-east of France, I searched the internet for a suitable image. The one that I found was taken from the side of the river at the far left of this photo, looking at these same riverside houses. If it weren’t dark right now, I’d also be looking at them. I’m staying for a few days with friends of a friend, in a little apartment above a restaurant on the opposite side of the river. We’re tucked away here in the picturesque Petite France quartier of town.

I’m planning to spend a day or two soon following the tourist trail, visiting the museums, and exploring the twisting narrow streets around the cathedral. Up to now, however, I’ve been busy with more mundane things: opening a bank account, registering at the school of architecture, navigating the confusing supermarkets etc etc. Things are all up in the air until I find an apartment, so forgive me if I remain unduly verbose, I promise I’ll tell you more very soon.

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