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How on earth did you find me?

Posted in Uncategorized by James Benedict Brown on 30 April, 2007

The WordPress software that powers this blog allows me to see the exact search terms used by people who clicked onto this blog through a search engine. And it makes for some strange reading. In the last few days, people have found this blog by typing the following search terms into Google, Yahoo or other search engines:

ryan halun

sncf photography forbidden

norfolk coastal towns location filming


watch oz and james’ big wine adventure

sheffield town hall

sterilise french

busy tea for upset stomach

j’ai pleure

how many kilometers to Toronto from London

‘Horse To Water’ (H2W

New York Diamond Rush in icy Canada

concrete skyscraper

eurostar expensive

fiat, body work, montreal

sheffield strasbourg architect James brown

freezing rain in Ottawa December 2005

coldest place on earth where lorries drive

inishfree festival

VertiGo glass tubes

bentley flying sparrow

green green grass of home you tube

“changing trains in lille”


etc etc etc. I’m presuming that by blogging these terms, Google will know find me even more quickly for all of the above search terms.

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