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Glad I’m not in Sheffield

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 28 June, 2007

Following the massive floods that swamped Sheffield earlier this week, here’s an email sent by the University of Sheffield Safety Services department. The damage to electricity lines and substations means that in the second paragraph there’s a particularly vague warning for anyone in university buildings, including the (20 storey) Arts Tower…

Date:       Wed, 27 Jun 2007 08:53:25 BST
From:      D G Thomas
To:      Multiple recipients of list STUDENTS
Subject:      Temporary Power outages to University buildings

Dear staff and students

Yorkshire Electricity have issued a warning that areas of Sheffield may be subject to 2 hour power cuts during the next 2 days, S1, S3 and S10 are likely to be affected.

In view of the fact that it is not clear at the moment whether we will receive any prior warning of a cut, please minimise the use of lifts during the next two days to minimise the chance you may get stuck in one for a couple of hours.

Similarly, if you are undertaking work which will be lost in the event of a power cut it may be prudent to postpone it.

If Yorkshire Electricity inform us of planned times for cuts to the University I will update you by e-mail.

Dewi Thomas

Head of Safety Services

No word from Sheffield as to whether anyone got trapped in the lifts. The Arts Tower elevators and paternoster have now been shut down until the electricity supplies return to normal.

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