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The ontheroad podcast episode 01

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 22 July, 2007


On Saturday I was in Hyde Park in London to meet some of the participants in this year’s Mongol Rally. Two hundred teams started out from London with the simple goal of driving the six thousand miles to Ulaabaator in Outer Mongolia. The only rule of any importance is that they do the drive in a car that has an engine no larger than 1.0l / 1000cc.

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Special thanks to the Mongol Rally teams who took the time to speak to me on Saturday before leaving on their monster fund raising charity rally from London to Ulaanbaator: Team Grumpy Old Men (in their Reliant Kitten), Team Crazy Fools (in their Bedford Rascal) and Team Payne Train (in their Citroën 2CV).

A very special mention goes to Team Saskatchewan … oh yes, they came all the way from Canada, and they even brought their own Geo Metro. Here are some interviews the team did on the Global Television and CTV Networks earlier this year while fundraising in Canada.

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