(james benedict brown) on the road

Screenshot: “tracing continues”

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 16 September, 2007

Some suggested translations of the lost baggage status “tracing continues”…

  • “we have absolutely no clue where your bag is”
  • “it got sucked into a jet engine”
  • “we sent it to Frankfurt”
  • “we think we sent it to Frankfurt”
  • “maybe we sent it to Frankfurt”
  • “well, at least we didn’t send it to Frankfurt”
  • etc…

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  1. tcharlott said, on 16 September, 2007 at 21:05

    Baggage lost in time not in space dear James…

    I’ve decided again to stop reading and after being away and nowhere for too long, it brought me back to the present. But two days late though. Is it too late to wish you a happy birthday?

    Regret not to have waken up at the right moment, heavy on my shoulder.

    Any way, it’s a meaningful way to start adding a new year to life, this new jamesontheroad’s adventure, isn’t it? Anything you’re looking for might some day appear in the Lost and Found section of…?!

    Huge hugs from us all (less Caca the august, gone in August)

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