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Sheffield: centre of excellence in double entendres

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 4 November, 2007

(photo courtesy shophorror.co.uk – I haven’t been able to confirm if the Battersea Cod’s Home is still open in Walkley, S6)

There are many reasons to love Sheffield. Chief among them is this city’s ability to create nurture and support thriving businesses with terrible puns for trading names. Following a discussion on the Sheffield Forum here are some of the city’s finest.

First, there’s a strange triumverate of aviation themed hair salons:

Plus some old hairdressers’ favourites:

The city’s chippies are where some of the best talent in name creation is to be found. I give you:

But that’s not to say our other independent food outlets can’t offer some awful buns. Sorry, puns.

I leave you (for now… more will no doubt follow) with two of my personal favourites:

Why A Leake? Well, it should be obvious. He’s a plumber.

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