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The future today

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 2 February, 2008

Some brilliant animated predictions of the twenty-first century from a Disney television programme in the nineteen-fifties. Let me just get the keys to my electro-hover-thing-a-mobile and we can hover over to the Grand Canyon…

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  1. AM said, on 3 February, 2008 at 03:05

    It seems like I’m doing something wrong….Americans, it would seem, are meant to be aspirational. The pests are the nay sayers who maybe sprout beans and walk and know how to chop up pigs. These are not outlandish fantasies, it tells me on this video- this is the future! It’s inevitable! Put down that pig and push that button and wash your hands of labor. Right?

    But even now as I look back with a chuckle at all that nonsense I think we’re doing it some more. We’re putting our hopes and dreams and *votes* on what we want ignoring, maybe, facts of nature, hard lessons about wanting important people to be better than it’s possible for them to ever be, wanting resources that will only harm our bodies later, harm our social systems sooner than that….I think maybe I am starting to understand what makes me so uneasy about this kind of funny futuristic wrongness….maybe I think we’re doing it again only this time it’s not highways and automation we’re wrong about. This time it’s nuclear power sources and high-fi politicians who talk about hope like that narrator talked about parking at the mall (like its so easy it has to be right, it will come if we just want it bad enough!) Like that silly shit in this little show! I think I need to think more about how to sprout beans and sail and, yes, keep my nay saying to myself and hope we’ll get thru another 50 years of dreaming so fool-heartedly.

    Although, wicked solar hover craft deal- that would be cool.

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