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Take the train to Holland (for less than you think)

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 15 June, 2008

Ok. To clarify something I’ve been raving about for a year or so now, and to follow on from my trip to Haarlem in the Netherlands (see below). I travelled the whole way by train, and my ticket London – Brussels – Haarlem – London cost just £74 return, all inclusive.

Eurostar now sell through train tickets from UK train stations to a number of European cities; the faster journey from London to Lille, Brussels, or Paris means that you can reach almost any part of western Europe in a door-to-door time that is either comparable or only marginally longer than the equivilent door-to-door journey time of flying.

A Eurostar ticket from London to Brussels is automatically valid to any station in Belgium. This is neat, but here’s something neater. Eurostar.com can sell you a through ticket to Amsterdam and several other Dutch cities. But beware – these tickets are for fast connections from Brussels on the French / Belgian / Dutch Thalys high speed trains. These sell at a premium over regular Intercity, Eurocity and domestic trains. You can save a bundle and enjoy extra flexibility by telephoning Eurostar (0845 7303030 or 01233 617575) and asking for a similar but subtly different type of ticket. The “Any Dutch Station” ticket costs a flat £15 (for a youth or senior concession, and I belive £20 for an adult) more than than a London – Brussels return ticket. But it allows you to travel onwards to any station in the Netherlands on any train other than the high speed Thalys for twenty-four hours after your arrive in Brussels. Likewise, the return is undated, and can be used any time in the twenty-four hours before your return Eurostar leaves Brussels.

So I was able to stop off in Brussels for a night on the way out, and again in Antwerp on the return. Not only did I get a ticket from London to Haarlem for about the same as a plane ticket (including all taxes, charges and airport transfers) I got two free stopovers and utter flexibility to get around.

To get this ticket you need to call Eurostar – the website can’t sell it. Find the cheapest / most convenient London – Brussels ticket online, and then ask the telesales agent to book those trains with the “Any Dutch Station” add-on. Comfortable and reasonably fast intercity trains leave Brussels Midi every hour throughout the day for mainline stations to Amsterdam, and that is your stepping stone for a great train trip to Holland.


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