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Bulgarian chardonnay disclosure

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 1 August, 2008

I think it’s important to note that my last post was written after a glass of a particular reasonable Bulgarian chardonnay. It reminded me of a Hungarian white wine that I used to buy at the German discount supermarket Aldi that knocked the socks off most other supermarket white wines. That Aldi wine was also spectacularly cheap, at about £2.49 for a bottle with a proletarian screw top.

So, just bear in mind that I was writing under the influence of good wine in a very nice apartment (in the company of two beautiful cats). The kind of apartment I definitely can’t afford at the moment with the kind of cats who actually prefer to keep me awake all night than let me rest. So this morning, I’m back on the very rainy and very grey streets of Glasgow, nursing the aftermath of a night of fitful sleep.

I await the next glass of wine with some anticipation.

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