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The allotment in an apartment

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 29 September, 2008

Earlier today I mentioned my frustrated attempts at being original in this grand old apartment. I’ve accepted that there is no way of managing it, so I’ve filled the blatantly obvious herb shelf behind the kitchen sink with herbs.

Most supermarkets sell fresh herbs planted in little plastic pots and wrapped in a protective sheath of plastic like small potted plants. They are the most idealistic products in the fresh aisles of the supermarket: not only are they fresh, alive and healthy, they entice you to attempt greening your fingers by taking them home and attempting to keep them alive, reproducing for weeks and months to come.

I’ve never managed this successfully. I’ve bought them and taken them home, but then it all goes to pot (arf arf).

So we’re taking a risk here by skipping the arduous labour and knowledge intensive process of planting and nurturing seedlings by buying a stack of Lidl potted herbs (reduced to £0.69 at your local Lidl) and carefully breaking them up into more generously sized ceramic plant pots (£0.99 at your local Ikea… aren’t blue-and-yellow themed discount stores appealing?). A healthy dose of fresh compost has been added into the mix, but with the sudden release from their tightly packed plastic pots and bags, every single plant has collapsed under its own weight. Weeks of chilled storage and transportation in their packaging has made each plant pretty weak, although basically in sound condition. So all I have to worry about now is ensuring they get enough light on a combination of east, south-east and west facing windows. That’s not an ideal combination, I know, but neither is the fact that we’re in Glasgow and the number of daylight hours these little plants is getting is being reduced every day.

Praise be to optimistic but largely doomed homely ideas…


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