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The Dulux blush

Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 21 October, 2008

What’s the golden rule of Dulux colour mixing?

Never trust the god-damn machine to mix the paint how you expect to. Not how it looks on the screen, not how it looks on the swatch cards. Always, always, always invest in sample pots first, and take them home to try on your walls. Or what you see above can end up looking like this:

Or this:

But not this:


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  1. m & r said, on 21 October, 2008 at 22:15

    the bottom picture is exactly as I would expect = very nice! but it does make a difference if it was a male or female who choose the colour
    it always makes a difference

  2. Carol Monfrooe said, on 23 October, 2008 at 01:13

    If a male or female choose it? How does that affect the lighting that alters the color choice. Hmmm so my midnight blue venetian
    plaster is female? The black cherry f aux technique? The sundown sand texture brown?
    If I let Mike choose it would have been baby boy blue, white walls etc. Color is not truly sex related because my father picked the sick sweet orange sherbet color in the living room and I would
    never thought that of a man. (Although I find a lot of older folks like that strange color range of teally pot blue, strange baby food yellow ect. Maybe it is sex and age related. BUT
    The color problem is in the room. Tall walls, big windows, lighting all effect how a perfect color can become a nightmare color. Even how the walls absorb the paint.
    Well hope you can find a way to mute the color but I did like it in the pm camera shot when I talked with Amanda.

  3. James said, on 23 October, 2008 at 11:30

    I’ll admit that it is growing on me. But then that is not difficult considering the allergic reaction my brain seemed to have when I first realised how purple it was coming out… give it time…….

  4. Carol Monfrooe said, on 23 October, 2008 at 15:46

    Amanda stated the prints look lovely against the wall. Pops them out nicely. Some darkish moss curtains with texture a few bown and greens and you might think the purple is too dull. But I do know how it feels to do a paint job and not like it.
    Good luck.

  5. m & r said, on 25 October, 2008 at 08:44

    what I really meant was that more males than females have elements of colour blindness and so see colours differently and thus make what can seem slightly off beam choices

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