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Posted in Posts by James Benedict Brown on 11 December, 2008

As previously bemoaned on this blog, the nights are getting longer in Glasgow. Just how much longer can be demonstrated by the excellent sunrise / sunset map feature of Jonathan Stott’s website, which is also plugged into his own personal weather station in the south-eastern corner of England. By combining the relevant sunrise and sunset data with OS map information, Stott can tell you the time the sun will rise and set across the UK on any date you choose. In less than two weeks time, we reach the winter solstice, when we’ll have less than seven hours of daylight.


Come 21 June, things will be much better…


… or rather, it will be for those deep sleepers who aren’t woken by an early dawn. While I would certainly appreciate thicker curtains around the house right now to cut down on drafts, some lightproof ones may be necessary come the summer.


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