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Posted in Uncategorized by James Benedict Brown on 23 June, 2010

It’s striking that this blog, which I haven’t posted to more than three times in the last year, can still receive more hits per day than Learning Architecture, the current centre of my attention in the blogosphere.

I started this blog about five years ago. It’s followed me from Northern Ireland to Canada, to England, to France and then to Scotland. Sometimes I have hugely productive periods, blogging on a daily basis. Sometimes I go through deeply verbose, tranquil periods. They are, unsurprisingly, sometimes the busiest and most active periods in my life. The capacity to write freely and flowingly about the minutae of life, which inspired me to start this blog, doesn’t always come easily. I’d like to think that I have some small talent for writing, and it was one of the strengths I wanted to build upon when I started my doctorate. I will, in the next year and a half, have to produce a forty to sixty thousand word thesis that processes a huge body of extant knowledge. I intend to do nothing less than contribute to that knowledge, and I want to do so in a readable and lucid way.

I have been reading the occasional news report, comment piece or summary of a scientific report that would suggest that we, as a race, are losing our capacity to concentrate. My anecdotal experience would support this notion. I have not adapted well to the Facebook generation. I had a Twitter account for a while, but deleted it as soon as I realised that I was being reduced to producing precisely the kind of inane tweets that I find so stupifyingly boring. I can’t think of anything of substance or value that is worth communicating in less than 140 characters.

Except three words that work so well together, perhaps, but you, dear readers, aren’t the intended recipients of that message.

I need to improve my fluency at the keyboard. After an extended period of blogging silence, it’s time for me to oil the rusty cogs and exercise a part of my brain that has been neglected lately. I don’t expect the readers of this blog to be passive guinea pigs in my mental exercises, so rest assured that as I ease myself gently back into this modern art of public journalling, I’ll be doing my best to share with you some of the more poignant, meaningful and enjoyable observations from my strange modern life.

Thanks for reading.

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