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The Ontheroad Podcast is no more. While I keep copies of the original mp3 files, the credit crunch has sunk its teeth into my finances and I can no longer afford to maintain the server space required for the episodes, which have been on hiatus since last summer. The servers I’ve been using were internationally accessible, but based in America, and are no longer affordable to me in US dollars.

Sincere apologies; the podcast may live again when the good time return.

Episode 8: The Handsome Family and the Phone Boxes of Birmingham, England

Episode 7: People with Valentines Day Flowers

(note – apologies for the date error in the splash image above, WordPress can’t handle the corrected image, this episode was recorded on 14.2.2008, not 2007)

Episode 6: Pimp My Shopping Mall

Episode 5: A Walk Through Haarlem with Joost Swarte

Episode 4: Great British Beer Festival

Episode 3: Spring Hill Allotments

Episode 2: Persephone Books

Episode 1: The Mongol Rally


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  1. Trent Gilliss said, on 10 November, 2007 at 00:18

    Hi there. I’m the online editor for a national public radio program in the States. We’re producing an hour-long doc on Rural Studio, and I’m looking for images of their projects for companion pieces on our Web site. Would you be willing to let us use some of your images, with proper attribution of course?

    Regards. Trent

  2. alaninbelfast said, on 20 January, 2008 at 20:29

    Working my way through a bit of a podcast backlog, I got to your five JBotR episodes yesterday and today. (Bit late to the party and all that.) They’re excellent. Diverse subjects, lots of human interest, well edited, not too fast paced with plenty of time, and take the listener on a journey.

    You should do more! Would be nice to hear some good independent podcasts now that LTA has dwindled.

  3. Welcome new readers « …ontheroad said, on 4 March, 2008 at 01:09



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